Detox Face Pack


An Ayurvedic weekly detox regime for your face to reduce blackheads, dead cells, and rejuvenate your skin. It is a blend of natural absorbents  like kaolin clay and skin purifying ingredients  like Curcuma longa, Oscimum sanctum, cinnamon and other precious herbs which help removes external toxins and purifies the skin with  its therapeutic  properties. After every facial and skin treatment, application of Detox pack removes external toxins and purifies the skin and brighten up your complexion.
Uniqueness of the product : No Parabens, No Silicones, No Artificial Aroma, No Artificial Colour, Made from pure, finely grounded natural ingredients, 100 % Natural & Pure.
Brand Vedantika Herbals
Form of product powder form
Net Wt. 60g
Main Ingredients
Expiry 18 months from the Date of Mfg.
Directions for Use Take 1 tea spoon powder. Soak in rose water  or curd for few minutes, add honey if you have dry skin and  make paste. Apply on Face and neck. Let is dry for 5-10  minutes then wash off with water.
Storage Instructions Room tempertaure
Allergen information For allergens, please see the ingredients.
Helpful in Facial Detox


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